, 10 Best Vibrators For Beginners

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Sex toys can be amazing enhancements for your sex life. Not only do they spice up your relationship, but they bring excitement and pleasure like no other. Regular sex is great, but if you really want to get things going in the bedroom, a bit of foreplay with some sex toys will definitely do the trick!

Sex toys can be a bit daunting if you’ve never tried them before. Your partner might feel as if they aren’t enough on their own and uncomfortable with the idea of sex toys. But it doesn’t have to feel this way since sex toys provide intense pleasure and are anything but intimidating. Think of them as simply enhancers to your sex life and not taking the place of your partner’s pleasure.

The best kind of sex toys for those just starting out with their sex toy adventures is vibrators. They are not intimidating like dildos tent to be and aren’t as hardcore as other things like penis rings or nipple clamps. In fact, they can be used during sex or during foreplay, making them versatile toys for both parties to enjoy. And women can also use them alone when they masterbate, making them the one sex toy every beginner should use when first exploring their sexuality with toys!

A vibrator was designed to stimulate you and your partner to climax with its vibrations and speeds that range from slow to really fast and intense! While there are many vibratos on the market to choose from, here are some of the best for beginners!

  1. Bitty Bunny Fingertip Vibrator

Not all sex toys are ugly! The Bitty Bunny Fingertip Vibe is cute and quaint, making it perfect for beginners since it’s non-threatening. It goes on your fingertip and is great for fingering either during in between the sheets action or bath time fun!

Bitty Bunny Penis Vibe

  1. Trinity Bullet Vibrator

The bullet vibrator is great for those who want to be discreet about their sex toys and is a great way to use alone or with your partner during foreplay. It’s super small so you can really hide in anywhere!

Trinity Bullet Vibrator – Pink


  1. Classic Pink G-Spot Vibrator

Super girly with its bright pink color, the G-spot vibrator is curved to really make you orgasm. It’s curved in order to reach your G-spot, which will give you some intense climax action!

Trinity Vibe Variety Kit

  1. Vibrating Silver Bullet

The bullet is an oval vibrator that you stick in a vagina (or asshole) for maximum pleasure. You control the speed via the attached wire.

Vibrating Silver Bullet


  1. Finger Clit Vibrator

This small finger vibrator packs the power of a larger vibrator in a small package! It’s great for fingering to really stimulate your partner’s clit for ultimate pleasure. And you can easily use it when you’re alone for manual stimulation and fun. Plus it’s waterproof and can be used in the bath or in a Jacuzzi.

Finger Clit Vibe


  1. Vibrating Pink Dual Eggs

Place these vibrating eggs into your vagina for a unique climax experience! They will stimulate your inner Kegel muscles and have them thrumming with pleasure. They are soft to the touch and very easy to insert.


  1. Essence Pure Energy Vibrator

This vibrator features the perfect shape for lots of climax action that will satisfy you after each use. It had an easy-grip base and slight curve for maximum satisfaction with or without a partner.



  1. Pink Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

This vibrator feels as good as it looks and is power-packed to stimulate your G-spot and your clit at the same time!

Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss Vibrator- Pink

  1. Triple Pleasure Dolphin

You’ll get both clit and anus action with this handy vibrator that can be used in any water situation!

Triple Pleasure Dolphin


  1. Double Finger Banger Vibrating G-Spot Glove

This vibrator might look weird, but it packs some serious G-spot pleasure. You simply us it over your first two fingers and then use the wrist strap to cradle the bullet that vibrates in your palm, providing nothing be stimulation and pleasure for your partner.

Double Finger Banger Vibrating G-Spot Glove

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