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You’ve probably seen squirting orgasm on your favorite porn videos but have yet to actually witness one or even have one yourself! This type of unique orgasm is characterized by a woman squirting or gushing after they climax and sometimes before. Although some women can just do it no matter what, it takes other women more pleasure to achieve such an orgasm, usually one that’s reached via dual stimulation of both her clitoris and G-spot. According to women who have them, they are even more pleasurable than ordinary orgasm and are quite a sight to see in person!

, A Comprehensive Guide To Squirting OrgasmsA squirting orgasm is not easy to achieve by any normal female and it takes immense pleasure to make it happen most of the time. Some sexologists say that all women are capable of such extreme pleasure to be able to obtain a squirting orgasm, but few women are able to do it. A woman will have to practice hard to get it right or be so intensely turned on with the best orgasm of her life! A woman can try and achieve one by practicing using several sessions of G-spot stimulation mixed with breathing techniques.

Since squirting orgasms aren’t very common, not much is known about them. And it’s not a topic or niche many doctors seem to explore. However, there was a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine about squirting in order to get more info on it, studying seven female “squirters” to see what was really happening. What they found was that it does contain pee after analyzing the substance that squirted out, meaning it isn’t something that just comes from the vagina, but also the urethra. They also found that it is related to G-spot stimulation, which is an area that is quite complex involving a woman’s urethra, clitoris and the front of the vagina wall (which probably explains why there’s pee in the substance).

And they found that it’s not the same as female ejaculation, which comes from the vagina. There are two separate things despite what many think since female ejaculate is stringier and more viscous than that of urine. But women can do both at the same time, which is probably what provides such an intense orgasm. But still, it’s a pretty crazy thing that women can do and still be such ha turn on.

So how do you make a woman squirt?

  1. First you’ll want to make her as relaxed as possible. She needs to feel comfortable and relaxed around you. Giving her a regular orgasm can definitely do the trick!
  2. Next place your index and middle finger into your vagina at the same time and reach upward.
  3. , A Comprehensive Guide To Squirting OrgasmsNow, place your hand on your pubic bone while you thrust your finger inside her vagina up and down many times like you’re pounding her with your penis.
  4. You want to find her G-spot among her pubic hair area, which is like two or three inches inside. You’ll know you’re there once you feel it ridged and bumpy, feeling rougher than the rest of her vagina.
  5. Once you stimulate he G-Spot, you’ll notice her getting hot and heavy, making her come like never before.  You’ll be able to see her squirt in no time if you did it right and don’t worry if you don’t see results after one try…just keep practicing and you’re bound to get the movement just right!
  6. Also note that you’ll want to make her orgasm before you try it so that it becomes an easier task for both parties involved!

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