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Making a woman squirt is the ultimate way to provide pleasure to your partner. Not many women have been stimulated so intensely to be able to achieve a squirt, which is why many haven’t experienced one. A woman squirting in real life (not in porn videos you’ve probably seen before) is super hot and sexy, turning on any guy who sees it up close and personal. When woman squirts, it’s because you’ve stimulated her G-spot, which is another kind of climax many women don’t really experience. It takes true talent to make a woman climax with G-spot stimulation and squirting is a whole different task for men to do.

Although you can try giving her a G-spot climax by banging her hard and good or finger banging her the right way, you can also try to do it using oral sex. It’s one of the hottest way to give her , Hottest Ways To Make Her Squirt With Oral Sexultimate pleasure and get her to cum like there’s no tomorrow, making her squirt with pleasure.

To make her squirt, know that you don’t really need anything else than what God equipped you with. But you can bring in sex toys if you’d like to make things fun! Toys are great for foreplay and bring extra excitement in between the sheets, especially if you want to spice things up a bit! And sex toys can make it easier to achieve a squirting orgasm, but if you’re up for the challenge, you can do it on your own and with your tongue. Just make sure you’re ready to put in lots of work because it’s not going to be easy!

But before you make her squirt with your tongue alone, you’ll have to know exactly what you’re working with down there or else you’ll miss up entirely. So, you’ll want to educate yourself on what sort of things you’ll have to take into consideration as you try and make her squirt orally. Go online and research where the G-spot is and the Skene’s gland because these are the two areas you’ll have to stimulate to get her to squirt while having climaxing.

In order to find out where it is, you might want to explore with your fingers before you attempt to do so with your tongue. The G-spot is tissue that swells up when it becomes very aroused, so make sure she’s turned on to make the job easier. Put two fingers in her and go up about two inches inside to the top of the vagina wall. You’ll want your palm facing the ceiling if she’s on her back. It’s like trying to touch her belly button from her vagina. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you feel a textured area that feels like a bean-shaped bump.

Now that you’ve found it with your hands, it’s ready to do the same thing but with your tongue. The best position to do this is by having her butt all the way on the edge of her bed, with you kneeling right under her on the floor. Get comfortable because you might be there for a while, so add some pillows under your knees just in case!

Make her cum beforehand with foreplay using sex toys to get her hot and bothered, which makes it easier for you to make her squirt orally. Insert your fingers and find the G-spot there first, then begin to massage it gently by flicking it while making your mouth a vacuum over her entire vaginal region. Try to make it as airtight as you can while your fingers are still in her. The suction from your mouth will make her G-spot engorge and keep at it until she comes and get out of the way to see that gush you’ve been wanting to see!

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