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Points and Coupons

 When you shop for the things that you love, you earn points toward future rewards.

When there are great discounts available for the things that you love, you deserve to have immediate access to whatever coupons or codes that are required to experience that savings.

Look. We’re not going to try to gimmick you into some program where you think you’re earning more than you should. Did you know that the average points a rewards program gives you amounts to less than 1% back on your purchases? You could save more by using some of today’s best cash-back credit cards for your purchase and avoid the rewards program all together.

And why should you need to open multiple browsers when shopping for something that you love just so you can visit a third-party coupon site – which may or may not be reliable?

Why pay more to explore? You’ll find what you need right here. Right now.

Here’s the deal: if we have discounts available to you, then you’ll find them right here. If there are manufacturer’s coupons or rebates that are available, we’ll give you links to access them right here. And don’t forget to sign up for a rewards program, so that you can earn something that is real and meaningful instead of receiving that sucks – and not in the good way.

And yes – we do offer exclusive promotions through our email newsletter. Not some cheesy one-time discount thing so we can get your email address and send you a ton of spam. Real discounts. Real coupons. Real savings. That’s what you’ll find in many of our newsletters because we know how valuable your time happens to be.

Our products are designs to be rewarding. We want your shopping experience to feel the same way. That’s what our points and coupons are all about.